Making a Positive Impact

in Zimbabwe

Through Our Sanitation Solutions

​Hitbay is a proudly Zimbabwean family-run business founded in 2013 providing sanitation solutions across the country.

Our activities are centered on principles of encouraging good sanitary practices, environmental preservation, social inclusion, and making a positive difference in the communities we work in.

We provide affordable and practical sanitation solutions for our clients. You will find Hitbay where there is a need for toilet facilities, hygiene products, access to clean water and waste removal. All these services are supported by a team of dedicated and well-trained janitors who go out of their way to ensure good hygienic practices for our clients. Our definition of client goes beyond recognising who hires our services but also the end beneficiary – the guest at your event, the healthcare volunteer making a difference in a remote location, the worker at a construction site, or vulnerable individuals in a community such as those with disabilities, women and children.

Maynard Mutamuko

Chief Executive Officer

We aim to ensure that each and every user of our toilets has the same pleasant experience throughout. We call this the ‘Hitbay Experience’.

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Abigail Mutamuko


We are a business that is seeking to make a profit, yes, but we also have a responsibility to the community we operate in. We have done some great work to provide ablution facilities in poor areas and there is a lot more that we can do.

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Imilda Mutamuko

Managing Director

I am passionate about providing solutions to the water and sanitation challenges being faced in Zimbabwe. I come from a background of cleanliness and good hygiene, working hard, and putting the client first.

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Dylord Mutamuko


We consider ourselves fortunate to have been part of many special occasions, and many important projects that are moving Zimbabwe forward.

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Bonda Tree Project

Forests provide immeasurable benefits to our continent and Hitbay is immensely proud to be part of the Bonda Tree Project. We hope to take you on this journey with us and the community of Bonda.

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Empowering Women

In this article, we focus on Hitbay's principle of social inclusion and the efforts we are making to contribute to addressing SDG 5, Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

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Hitbay Making a Difference

This is our inaugural article on the work we have committed ourselves to in trying to make a positive impact in Zimbabwe through our sanitation solutions. Here we will be sharing our experiences and thoughts.

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Awareness About Hygiene Is Paramount

HITBAY has partnered with several organisations to conduct awareness campaigns at schools and other public places. Click to view one of our awareness videos at Masaisai Primary School.