Ensure that your staff rightly always have access to clean toilets for the duration of your project regardless of the location in Zimbabwe. We are ready to deploy the appropriate janitorial services to our units stationed at your construction or project site. View our mobile toilets in action below and request a quotation.

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  • Duration: 12:00 Hours
  • Address: Anywhere in Zimbabwe (Map)

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6 Advantages Of Renting Hitbay’s Portable Toilets For Construction Sites

With construction now a visible and growing industry, it is no wonder that portable toilets are inevitably being used in more and more places. Most construction sites must contend with the same problem: limited space and a shortage of toilet facilities for workers. Thankfully, there are companies like Hitbay that have come up with innovative ideas to help meet these needs.

Provision of construction site toilets, washrooms and shower facilities to building sites is a major part of our business. Immediate response for emergency situations is expected by our client base – a client base which includes everything from small owner managed building companies to large national developers. Regular maintenance and service of these robust portable toilet units is essential when the construction projects prove to be longer than the norm. We understand the building industry’s needs, and are geared up for the challenge, no matter the working environment. We know the going may be tough, but we keep your workforce going!

International Guidelines recommend a ratio of 1 toilet to 7 persons where portable toilets are emptied once a week.

We ensure that all amenities are fully stocked, consistently cleaned, regular on site maintenance and restocking the units with essentials such as toilet paper, hand soap etc.

All in all, renting Hitbay’s portable toilet is an excellent product that offers many advantages over traditional portable toilets. If you are looking for a reliable way to meet your construction site needs, then our transportable washrooms and toilets should be at the top of your list. Here’s why:

  1. Germ-Free Sanitation: Hitbay’s portable toilets are bacteria-free. Unlike ordinary bathrooms, which can contain harmful bacteria, Hitbay’s Portable Toilets For Construction Sites are completely bacteria-free. This makes them perfect for sensitive environments like construction sites.
  2. Quickest Turnaround Time: Hitbay’s portable toilets can be delivered and placed on-site within hours, which is a major advantage for construction sites where timing is critical. We make sure that you get the fastest turnaround time while renting mobile washrooms from Hitbay.
  3. Specialised Equipment: We have specialised equipment which includes honeysuckers and pressure washers which meet international standards of cleanliness. We adhere to these standards and are ahead of the pack when it comes to delivering a professional service.
  4. Cost Savings: by using Hitbay’s portable toilets instead of traditional full-size units, construction sites can save money on both operations and purchase costs. Because these toilets use very little water, they are an ideal option for areas with scarce water supplies.
  5. Affordable Sanitation: Our Portable Toilets For Construction Sites are cheaper to rent, they are easier to transport, and they are less likely to cause damage to the environment. If you are worried about the smell, do not be. Because Hitbay’s portable toilets are designed to minimize smells and we use the best chemicals and deodorisers.
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